Jun 8, 2012

Whitetail Deer and Waterfall Painting

I recently finished this painting of a whitetail doe and buck walking along a stream with a small waterfall, titled 'Follow Me'. This is a little different from my usual more realistic style. I wanted it to be a little more painterly with softer colors so it had an almost romantic fantasy feel to it. Even though deer may not really fall in love I wanted this painting to have the feel of romantic lovers wandering off to be alone together.

Follow Me
18"x24 oil on canvas

Water is not easy to paint. I've had a hard time painting calm water before so I thought the flowing water here would be even more difficult. Actually, it turned out to be easier. With moving water you don't have to worry about all the ripples and how they affect reflections like you do with calm water. The waterfall actually turned out to be quite fun to paint.

I plan to do some more waterfall with wildlife paintings in the future. What other wildlife subjects would you like to next to a waterfall? Bears? Otters? What else can you think of?

1 comment:

kyle watson said...

i think this painting is awsome im whitetail deer fanatic and hunter i mainly hunt just to get out in the wilderness bcuz i love the outdoors and the wild life that live there i think if u did an entire family of whitetails a buck doe and two twin fawns maybe with sum rooster pheasants along with hen pheasants in the background u kno put alot of wild life into a painting like this it would be amazing u have a great tallent keep up the good work

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