Jun 10, 2012

My Past Life

For anyone curious about what my "day job" was before I recently lost that job when the company shut down in April, here it is.

This is what side-tracked me from my wildlife art years ago. I worked doing computer art for video game companies, most recently a studio called Zipper Interactive, owned by Sony. I modeled environments in a software program called Maya. So when you're running around in a video game, the streets and buildings you run through may have been modeled by me.

Unfortunately, Sony decided to close down the Zipper studio and about 100 people lost their jobs.

I have mixed feelings about this. In the early years I really enjoyed working on video games. I was, after all, still ding art. It was fun and I made good money. In later years, though, I longed to get back to my wildlife art.

The company shutting down left me in a state of mixed emotions. Concern about losing my steady income and benefits. Sympathy for those who lost their jobs. Sadness from knowing I'll never work with some of those talented, funny, and inspiring people again. Joy at my new-found freedom. Excitement about the possibilities. Fear of an unknown future.

I'm trying to view this as an opportunity, not a tragedy. The call of the wild has been echoing in the back of my mind for many years. Maybe this is what I needed to heed that call.


Vonnie Kohn said...

Crista, I LOVE your art. Sometimes a strange turn in our life offers such limitless possibilities for us. While you are thinking of "what's next", just relax & do what is God-given...ART! Looking forward to your next painting..:)

Crista Forest said...

Thank you so much, Vonnie.
At this crossroad in life, I need the encouragement! It's a scary time. I hope I can look back on this soon and say, Wow, this is the best thing that ever happened! :)

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