Feb 8, 2016

New Deer Painting - Aspen Woods Whitetail

Another newly completed original oil painting of a whitetail buck in autumn, aspen trees golden yellow with fall colors.


Aspen Woods Whitetail
8"x10" oil

Feb 5, 2016

New Mini Painting - Bay Horse Portrait

I've spent the past several months painting digitally so it's been a really long time since I created an actual physical painting, but you didn't think I could stay away from the paint brush and oils forever, did you? Every once in a while I've got to put oil to canvas. So here's my first oil painting of 2016!

It's a little more painterly than my usual detailed style. But I've decided to reserve my detailed style for digital paintings and loosen up on the oil paintings to give them distinctive styles. I also felt like getting really bold with the colors on this one just for the fun of it. Hope you like it!


Blood Bay Horse Portrait
6"x6" oil

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