May 9, 2015

New Goldfinches and Birdhouse Painting

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Just finished up a variation of my previous birds and birdhouses painting.

Goldfinch Garden Home
Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards available here.

May 2, 2015

New Birds and Birdbath Painting

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I just finished another new digital painting of some birds and a birdbath in a spring garden. Here we have eastern bluebirds and goldfinches enjoying a stone birdbath fountain water feature. Behind them is a white picket fence covered with a purple clematis vine, and yellow and blue daisies fill the garden below.

Fountain Festivities
Original: Digital

I want to clarify something about my digital art. A lot of people seem to scoff at the idea of a digital painting being fine art. I can understand why since, if you were to do a Google search for "oil painting in Photoshop" for example, you will find tutorials on how to make a photograph look like an oil painting. Unfortunately, a lot of people will do this sort of photo manipulation and try to pass it off as a real painting, or at least least hand-painted in Photoshop or the like. Taking a photograph and using the mixer brush on it in PS to give it a painted look is not hand-painted art, in my opinion. So I can understand why people are skeptical when someone claims their image is a digital "painting".

I want to point out that my paintings are all hand-painted from scratch. I paint each and every brush stroke of my digital painting by hand just as I would a real oil. There is no photo manipulation in this painting. There are no photographic elements at all in it, in fact. The only "cheating" I do in digital painting is reusing some of the elements from other paintings I did. For example, I did use parts of the birds from my previous birds and birdhouses painting. It isn't as simple as copying and pasting in most cases, though. I did things like turn heads, and adjust feet and shadows, so it still required some work. But this was only after creating the first image one brush stroke at a time. A digital painting can be just as much work, and take just as long to create, as an original oil painting. So I hope you can appreciate the time and effort that can go into such a piece next time you see a digital painting.

Apr 17, 2015

Birds and Birdhouses Painting Variations

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In my previous post you saw my newly completed digital painting consisting of three colorful birdhouses with cardinals, goldfinches, and bluebirds. This scene is fine for prints but since Pixels now offers sizes of throw pillows, mostly square, this horizontal format doesn't work well for them.

One of the great advantages of painting digitally over traditional oils is the ability to move elements around in the painting. This makes it easy for me to rearrange things to better fit the square format of the throw pillows. So here I've created three new variations of the original painting, one with just the bluebirds and the yellow birdhouse, another with just he cardinals and blue birdhouse, and the other with just the goldfinches and red birdhouse. Each design is available individually on throw pillows as well as fine art prints and greeting cards.

Buy this pillow here.
Buy this pillow here.

Buy this pillow here.

Apr 9, 2015

Digital Birdhouses Painting Finished

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I finally finished my first completely digital bird painting created in Photoshop CS5, a scene of a variety of bird species and some colorful birdhouses in a garden of spring flowers. Here we have eastern bluebirds with a yellow schoolhouse birdhouse, northern red cardinals on a bright blue octagonal birdhouse, and American goldfinches on a red cottage-like birdhouse. I named this piece "Primary Colors" because of the red, yellow, and blue birds and birdhouses. The flowers include white dogwood blossoms and pink, red, and white cosmos flowers.

You can see a larger version of this image on my page, as well as high-res zoom details. You can also get this image on prints and greeting cards there as well.

I'm also happy to announce that, once I submitted this image to the licensing agency, it was very quickly licensed by Bits and Pieces to be used on jigsaw puzzles. Unfortunately, it won't be out until Feb 2016.

In the mean time, I've added a few products to my Zazzle store featuring this image. Because the Bits and Pieces contract is an exclusive one I can't put this on jigsaw puzzles in my Zazzle store. But I have put it on several other products so far including iPad covers, pillows, throw blankets, wallets, mouse pads, and bags, to name a few. I'll be adding more as time permits so check back periodically to see what's new, or contact me and let me know if you'd like to see this on a particular product and I'll do my best to get it up there for you quickly.

Apr 4, 2015

Five Indian Pony Variations Now Available

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With all the digital editing of paintings I've been doing in Photoshop there are 4 variations of the original Native American War Horse painting now available. The original is the chestnut version with war paint shown first image. The second is the same chestnut pinto horse without war paint. Third is a sepia version of the chestnut horse with war paint. Fourth is a bay pinto version with face war paint color changes. The fifth is a buckskin pinto version, also with the new face paint colors.

The original chestnut pinto horse painting is sold. But all these images are available as fine art prints, greeting cards, and more through Click on an image to go to the product page for that image, or click here to see the entire selection of horse images available.

These images are also available on a wide variety of other products, from coffee mugs to iPad covers to wall clocks, through my Zazzle Store here.

Mar 31, 2015

New Cow and Calf Paintings

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Since playing around with painting digitally I've been working on creating new paintings from scratch in Photoshop. But I've also revisited some of my older traditional oil paintings to see what I can do with those in PS as well, such as making color variations, or adding/subtracting elements. Here's one I've been playing around with recently, a painting of a Guernsey cow and calf. This is the original oil painting:

But then I wondered how this painting would look if I had made them black and white Holstein cows instead. So I edited the image in Photoshop to make them black and white instead of brown:

Not too bad, huh? But, hey, the background was always a little plain. What if I add a farm to the background now? I actually took an old barn and rolling hills from another painting I did years ago and put it in the background behind the cows. Now we have a rather Americana looking scene:

A little more interesting maybe. Or maybe you prefer the simpler version? Let me know in the comments which version you like best.

All three versions are available as prints on

Mar 12, 2015

Native American War Horse Limited Time Canvas Print Sale

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Limited time sale on canvas prints of my Native American War Horse painting. For 5 days only get nearly half off the original price!

It comes in three variations, the original chestnut pinto pony, the digitally altered bay pinto pony, and the digitally altered "aged photo effect" monochrome version done in sepia. Different colors available for you to choose from to suit your tastes and decor needs.

Click an image to go to that image's promotion page to get your special price.

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