Jul 27, 2016

California State Bird and Flower Color Version -WIP5

In my previous post of my California state bird and flower painting I had just blocked in the golden poppies with a base shade of pumpkin orange. Here I'm showing you a close up of one of the flowers.

In the first image the poppy is getting several shades of orange and yellow blocked in for the shading and highlights.

Here, in the second image, I've blended the colors to give a softer, more natural look.

Jul 24, 2016

Zazzle's Sunday Steal - 50% off paper plates & napkins

I should share this more often, Zazzle's Sunday sales. Different products every week at huge discounts. Today they have 50% paper plates and paper napkins.

Use promo code ZSUNSTEAL141 when checking out to get your discount.

Here are some of the plates and napkins I have created featuring my wildlife art.

Here's a set of paper plates and matching napkins featuring my recently created North Carolina state bird and flower, the cardinal and dogwood.

Or how about a set featuring a gray wolf portrait?

Or maybe a whitetail deer for the deer hunter you know whose birthday is coming up soon?

And then there's the ever-popular horses.

This is just a small sampling of what's available in my Zazzle Store. Lots more horses, birds, and other animals to suit your tastes or event theme. All these products are completely customizable. When you get to the product page click the Customize button. There you can change the text to say whatever you want. Change the font style, color, and position. You can even change the background color or move the image around to add your own text or images. You make it personal for your event. This is one reason I chose Zazzle over many other sites that would allow me to sell my art on products, because Zazzle allows for so much customization that makes what your gifts truly unique.

This sale is today only! Remember, use promo code ZSUNSTEAL141 when checking out to get your discount.

Jul 19, 2016

California State Bird and Flower Color Version -WIP4

More progress on the CA state bird and flower coloring page. As you saw in my previous WIP (Work In Progress) post, I had just blocked in the base colors and things still looked pretty flat. Here I am starting to give the bird some detail and volume. I've blended the gray and brown to give a smoother transition between the two colors, added some feather markings, and some shading and highlights.

Jul 18, 2016

Coloring Books for Adults Featuring Wildlife

I am not sure when my state birds and flowers coloring book will be out. Hopefully this fall in time for Christmas. Coloring books make great stocking stuffers!

In the mean time, here are some other coloring books featuring wildlife by other artists.

If you own or purchase any of these, leave feedback in the comments below and tell me what you liked or didn't like about coloring them. I would like to learn what others do and don't enjoy about adult coloring books so I can make my future coloring pages more enjoyable for you. Tell me what coloring subjects and styles you would like to see more of and why.

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