Feb 6, 2014

Time For Something Personal - Football

I must admit it, I like watching football. I'm no expert, though, or even a fanatic. I don't know all the rules. I don't memorize all the teams and players. And, because of this, I'm sure I ask my husband an annoying amount of questions during a game. But I still find it fun to watch my preferred team make a great play or get a score. Normally I don't really care who wins a game all that much, or even watch all the games. But I'm from the Seattle area so this year it was a bigger deal. The Seattle Seahawks made it to to the Super Bowl so I watched their games all the way through the season. It was nice to see them make it. I watched the game on TV. I cheered on the Seahawks. I'm happy they won. But there it ends for me.

So, even though it was a bigger deal for me this year because it was my state's team that went to the Super Bowl, it wasn't life changing. So I'm a bit baffled as to why so many people's lives seem to revolve around sports, especially football in this country. I don't understand why someone gets so attached to a team they ride an emotional roller coaster through the whole season. I don't understand why someone pays hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend a game. I don't understand why someone would play hooky from work and fight the crowds and traffic to stand in the cold for hours just to get a 2-second glimpse of a player go by at the celebration parade.

If you're one of those people, why do you become "high" when your team wins, or literally depressed when it loses? I've heard stories of people being depressed for days, drinking themselves silly, beating their wives, etc, because "their" team lost. Why? It's not YOUR life. The next day you get up, have your coffee, eat breakfast, and go to work like any other day. Nothing's different for you. So why do you go nuts about it all?

So there's my view on football. It's like watching a TV show. It's entertaining. But when the show's over, I just go about my day as usual. I'll never understand the fanaticism of sports. Please explain, if you can.

View of the Seattle streets during the Seahawks
Super Bowl celebration parade - Feb 5, 2014

Feb 4, 2014

Western Pleasure Show Horse Portrait

I have done several dressage horse portraits with English tack so I figured it was time for a Western Pleasure horse. Back when I owned horses, I would ride western style, so I was itching to do a western horse anyway. I just love the look of a horse all dressed up in western bridle and saddle, with bits of silver flashing in the sun. Not too much though! I don't like the show gear that has so much glitter you're blinded by the glare! Just a little sparkle here and there is good.

Back in the day ... many, many years ago ...when I used to show in Western Pleasure events we held our horses' heads up. I'm not sure why, in today's shows, the horses put their noses to the ground, having a stretched out, droopy, bum-dragging look. When I used to show, the horse was expected to be collected, with the head picked up, neck arched, and forehead perpendicular to the ground, a bit more like the English Pleasure style of riding today. In memory of those western shows where the horses looked more perked up and lively, I painted my horse here in old style.

Sorrel Western Pleasure Quarter Horse
8"x10" oil on Multimedia Artboard

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