Feb 4, 2014

Western Pleasure Show Horse Portrait

I have done several dressage horse portraits with English tack so I figured it was time for a Western Pleasure horse. Back when I owned horses, I would ride western style, so I was itching to do a western horse anyway. I just love the look of a horse all dressed up in western bridle and saddle, with bits of silver flashing in the sun. Not too much though! I don't like the show gear that has so much glitter you're blinded by the glare! Just a little sparkle here and there is good.

Back in the day ... many, many years ago ...when I used to show in Western Pleasure events we held our horses' heads up. I'm not sure why, in today's shows, the horses put their noses to the ground, having a stretched out, droopy, bum-dragging look. When I used to show, the horse was expected to be collected, with the head picked up, neck arched, and forehead perpendicular to the ground, a bit more like the English Pleasure style of riding today. In memory of those western shows where the horses looked more perked up and lively, I painted my horse here in old style.

Sorrel Western Pleasure Quarter Horse
8"x10" oil on Multimedia Artboard

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