Apr 29, 2017

Shirts For Dog Lovers - Labrador Retrievers

New shirts available from Merch by Amazon featuring my artwork. This time I created an image for dog lovers, especially those who love Labrador Retrievers. I created this artwork from a photo I took of my own sweet lab, Hannah. First I painted her in her original color, yellow. Then I digitally altered the artwork to create a chocolate and black lab version. See all the current color options and designs below.

I did this artwork in a more stylized way, almost like a paint-by-number, partly to be different, but also because it prints better on shirts than designs that have a smoother color gradient.

So here are the designs I have on Amazon so far. First we have a Love Labs design featuring the word LOVE with a heart for the O in blue, and a happy yellow lab face:


Next is a black and gray version of the same design for those who have black Labrador Retrievers:


Next is a design with a larger image of the dog, the yellow lab, and text below that says, "Life Is Better With Labrador Retrievers":


And here is the same design with a brown dog version for those who have chocolate labs:


Next up is a Lab Mom design for those Dog Mom types who love their dogs as much as if they were their own children. The first variation is a yellow lab with a red heart and pink text:


Next is a variation with the yellow lab face and light blue text and heart for those of you who aren't fond of pink:


Here's a chocolate lab variation with pink heart and pink text:

And a chocolate lab with light blue heart and text:


Now we move on to black labs. Again a variation with pink heart and text:


Next the black lab with light blue heart and text:


And let's not forget the Lab Dad in the house! I only have one Lab Dad version up so far, the black Labrador Retriever. While Dad has fewer dog color options he gets the whole body image of the lab sitting pretty. :)


Here's the whole body of a chocolate lab with the saying, "I Love Chocolate":


And, finally, a crazy version of a rainbow colored Labrador Retriever for those who love labs of all colors, or just want to be different and noticeable:


All these shirts come in men's, women's, and kids' styles and sizes, and in several different colors. You're not limited to the colors I have shown here. Just click one of the images to see all the color and size options for that particular artwork.

Apr 19, 2017

Horse Lovers Shirts Update

I posted a while back that I've been putting my horse art on t-shirts on Amazon. Due to Amazon's rules and limitations, I've had to shuffle things around, removing some shirts and adding others. The good news is, I've been able to add more horse themed shirts than I've had to remove. So this post is just to update you on the selection of horse art shirts I currently have available on Amazon. Click a shirt image below to see the size and color options available for that design.

Funny Fat Horse Skinny Woman Will Work For Hay Shirt

I Love My Black Pinto Gypsy Vanner T-shirt

Bay Pinto Gypsy Vanner Gypsy Woman Shirt

Life Is Better With Paint Horses T-shirt

Life Is Better With Horses Tee

Life Is Better With Appaloosa Horses T-shirt

I Love Friesian Horses T-shirt

Friesian Horses Proof Of God T-shirt

Yes, I Really Do Need All These Horses T-shirt

Horses Are Proof Of God Tee

Life Is Better With A Black Paint Horse Tee

Dripping Wet Hot Pink Paint Horse Shirt

Horse Love Bay Paint Mare and Foal Shirt

Love Horses White Cremello Mare and Foal T-shirt

Appaloosa Horse Family Tee Shirt

Neon Green Dripping Wet Paint Horse T-shirt

Black Quarter Horse Family Shirt

Rainbow Paint Horse T-shirt

Love Horses Palomino Shirt

Life Is Better With A Buckskin Appaloosa Shirt

Life Is Better With A Palomino Paint Horse Tee

Horse Lovers Bay Mare and Foal Shirt

Vibrant Purple Wet Paint Horse T-shirt

Keep Calm & Get Back On Jumping Horse Shirt

Keep Calm & Ride On Western Quarter Horse Tee

Keep Calm & Ride On Dressage Horse Shirt

Western Horse In Sepia T-shirt

I Love Friesians T-shirt

Apr 15, 2017

Horses Without Fences

In earlier posts I shared a new set of digital horse paintings featuring a family of horses in snow in a variety of coat colors. In those earlier versions the horses were behind a fence in a corral. Well, to show off more of the beauty of the horse itself I made versions with the fence in front. This post will feature them in solid coat colors. In later posts I'll have appaloosas and pintos.

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Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Apr 9, 2017

Do We Really Need To Know Evil To Recognize Good?

I recently finished a painting of a Friesian horse trotting through the snow. The Friesian horse is an easily recognizable, though not well-recognized, breed. By that I mean, if you are familiar with horse breeds, it is very easy to distinguish from other breeds. If you are not familiar with horses, however, you've probably never seen or heard of one (except in movies).

Art Prints

Friesians are easily distinguished from other breeds because they have many characteristics of a draft but are leaner and more graceful. The Friesian always comes in black (except for one very rare exception, a chestnut stallion called Fire Magic) with no white markings such as socks or blaze. It has a long wavy mane and tail and feathery feet.

But, the Friesian is uncommon in the United States and if you live here you are unlikely to ever have seen one. In all my years of owning and working with horses I don't think I ever saw one in real life. This is why I say it is not likely to be recognized by most people, at least most people in the U.S.

The Friesian gets its name from the place of its origin, a region in the Netherlands known as Friesland. It's a light draft horse breed originally bred to pull carriages and is popular for this purpose because of its elegant, high-stepping gait.

So, what does the title of this blog post have to do with any of this? Well, when I first uploaded this image I shared it to my Facebook page and I realized a lot of people would not recognize this horse breed. So I added a little bit of info about the breed and included a YouTube video so people could see this amazing horse in action.

The Friesian horse's movement is so amazing to watch that, while previewing YouTube videos, I got a little emotional when I watched these beautiful creatures in action. They are stunning. It made me ponder all the wonder and beauty this world has to offer. But then I wonder, how can we have such beauty and yet have so much ugliness and evil too? Why can't we just have the beauty of this world? Well, I've wondered this before, as I'm sure everyone has at one time or another. If you wonder out loud, the response from others is usually something like, we can't recognize beauty without ugliness, we can't appreciate pleasure without knowing pain, we can't know good without knowing evil.

That's the standard and widely accepted notion about good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, etc. The idea is that if we lived in a world where everything was wonderful, everything was beautiful, that we would not be able to appreciate it, or even recognize it. I disagree. I think this is nonsense.

Why? Because I was a child once. Yes, we all were. Think back to when you were two years old. When I was 2 I already knew horses were wonderful, beautiful creatures. No one had to teach me that, or compare it to something ugly before I understood. I was already delighted by kittens, puppies, and baby chicks. I marveled at pollywogs, hummingbirds, and butterflies. I'm pretty sure that, at 2 years old, I knew nothing of famine, war, hurricanes, and the Ebola virus. Yet I still managed to thoroughly enjoy my goldfish and fluffy teddy bear. I really don't think we need to know ugliness to know what's beautiful, to know misery in order to recognize what brings us pleasure. The ability to recognize beauty is already within us from birth.

So, for those of you who would like to experience some beauty without thinking of ugliness for a few moments, I present to you the magnificent Friesian horse in action in this YouTube video below. Enjoy!

The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

Apr 4, 2017

Paint Horses In Winter Corral

Paint horses are here! In my last post I created several color variations of appaloosa horses in snow. Now I've done them all in the tobiano pinto coat pattern in bay, buckskin, chestnut, palomino, and black. As usual, all are available as prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags, and more. Click an image to see all the products available for that version of the paint horse family artwork.

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Sell Art Online

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Sell Art Online

Art Prints

As with the other, I can mix and match them for you so if, for example, you want a black paint, palomino paint, and bay paint together, I can do that. Just let me know.

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