Nov 30, 2013

Holiday Greeting Coloring Page for Children

I haven't posted a coloring page for kids lately so I figured the holiday season was a good reason to post one now. I recently finished a painting of some northern red cardinals in a holly tree that I've used to make Christmas greeting cards. I converted that to a black and white line drawing your kids color. They can color it on their computers. Or they can print it out as is and color it the old fashioned way with crayons or colored pencils. Then they can hang it up to decorate the walls for the holidays!

Be sure to click the image first to get a larger version of it, then you can download (right-click and select 'Save image/picture as...') it to your computer and color it in Photoshop or print it out to color with crayons. Below the drawing is the original image that your child can use for color reference.

Holiday greeting cards of the cardinals are available here at Fine Art America. It's not too late to order! FAA is pretty fast. Cards usually arrive just a few days after ordering. So there's still time to get them to mail out for Christmas!

All images here copyright © Crista S. Forest. They may be used for personal enjoyment only. They my not be sold, distributed, or otherwise used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from the artist. 

Nov 26, 2013

Deer Painting Won People's Choice Award

I'm happy to announce my painting of two deer by a waterfall titled "Follow Me" has one the People's Choice Award through the Evergreen Association of Fine Arts public arts display program. The event theme was "The Great Outdoors" and took place at The Gardens in Bellevue, WA. Here is my winning entry.

"Follow Me"
Oil on canvas

I also entered two other images in the Great Outdoors display, my little cowgirl painting, and my Montana landscape painting, shown below. 

 "Waiting for Dad"
Oil on Multimedia Artboard

"Montana Morning"
Oil on Multimedia Artboard

All three of these paintings will be on display at The Gardens until January, so if you're in the area feel free to stop by and see these up close and in person, as well as the other wonderful outdoor-themed paintings on display there.

Nov 21, 2013

Time for Something Personal - Shampoo!

OK, I hear some say that people like to get to know the artist, not just their art. They like to know about the artist personally, on a level that has nothing to do with their painting inspirations or methods. Is that true? Well, let's give it a shot. Here is something personal about me that has nothing whatsoever to do with art.

I hate to sound like an infomercial but I love this shampoo!

I have fine, curly hair. Most people think that curly hair would be a wonderful thing to have but, in reality, it's a nightmare. It doesn't just lie there in pretty curls, like Goldilocks. It frizzes any chance it gets. I spend most of my hair-life trying not to look like a cave woman. My hair frizzes if it's raining, windy, hot, or humid. If you even look at it cross-eyed it will poof out like a dandelion gone to seed! I have tried all sorts of anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels, and sprays. Even the famous "Frizz-eaze" line of products. All disappointing. Until I discovered this. After using this, my hair is actually smooth and manageable, and has distinctive shiny locks and strands. I'm amazed. Really, this is not an ad. I get nothing from promoting this product. I'm just sharing this for the other curly-haired people out there who are fed up trying to find a solution to their frizz problems. Let me know if it works for you!

Nov 16, 2013

Bay Dressage Horse Painting

This is the third dressage horse in my series of four. The first two were titled Concentration and Focus. This one I will call Discipline. There will be a fourth dressage horse portrait painting coming soon.

8"x10" oil

Nov 11, 2013

Cardinals and Hollies Painting - Limited Time Sale!

I finally finished my holiday theme painting of some northern red cardinals on holly branches. As you can see, the composition and colors are similar to my earlier chickadees and apples painting, right down to the basket in the corner. They are similar because I plan to do a series of four bird and tree paintings for the four seasons of the year. This is obviously my winter theme one. The chickadees and apples were the fall harvest theme. Soon will come the spring and summer theme bird paintings.

Prints of this version available here through Fine Art America

I painted all the holly leaves completely in this painting even knowing they would be covered with snow. All the details of the veins in every leaf. A lot of work to paint over with snow later! But I did it so I'd have two versions of this painting, one with snow and one without, to offer as prints. Some people like it better with snow, some like it better without. Now you have a choice!

Prints of this version available here through Fine Art America

I've also made a version just for Christmas cards! These are also available through Fine Art America. You can customize the cards to say whatever you'd like on the inside, so you can make the greeting as personal or as general as you'd like.

Cards available here

Now for the good part. For a limited time I am offering a 40% off sale of the full sized snowy version as prints on canvas! A large, 20"x16" print on canvas for only $75, normally $125! This would make a great Christmas gift for the bird lover you know. Click here to see this sale offer. NOTE: You must use that link to get the discount. Sale ends 11/15/13, so hurry!

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