Nov 30, 2013

Holiday Greeting Coloring Page for Children

I haven't posted a coloring page for kids lately so I figured the holiday season was a good reason to post one now. I recently finished a painting of some northern red cardinals in a holly tree that I've used to make Christmas greeting cards. I converted that to a black and white line drawing your kids color. They can color it on their computers. Or they can print it out as is and color it the old fashioned way with crayons or colored pencils. Then they can hang it up to decorate the walls for the holidays!

Be sure to click the image first to get a larger version of it, then you can download (right-click and select 'Save image/picture as...') it to your computer and color it in Photoshop or print it out to color with crayons. Below the drawing is the original image that your child can use for color reference.

Holiday greeting cards of the cardinals are available here at Fine Art America. It's not too late to order! FAA is pretty fast. Cards usually arrive just a few days after ordering. So there's still time to get them to mail out for Christmas!

All images here copyright © Crista S. Forest. They may be used for personal enjoyment only. They my not be sold, distributed, or otherwise used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from the artist. 

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