Sep 22, 2013

Being Painterly

Here is a new horse painting I just finished today. This painting was different for me because I was determined to avoid getting anal about detail on this one. I forced myself to use brushes that are uncomfortably large for me so I was unable to focus too much on fine detail. This enabled me to focus more on brush strokes, color, and lighting. It was a bit of an experiment.

Here is a close up of the shoulder area so you can see the brush strokes better.

What do you think of the results of my experiment?

Sep 11, 2013

Chestnut Horse Portrait - Fame

Finished - chestnut horse - "Flame"

I used to think chestnut horses were rather boring and plain but lately they have grown on me. The color can be rich and intense and, with a healthy, shiny coat they can look almost metallic copper. Very pretty! Being able to reproduce that metallic sheen in a painting is a real challenge, though. 

8"x10 oil on multimedia board

Sep 3, 2013

Apple Harvest Chickadees - Finished!

I finally finished my apple harvest and birds painting for the winery harvest theme art display. While working on this painting I was surprised to find I really enjoyed painting birds ... and apples! It was surprisingly fun painting the striped colors and shine on the apple skins. And the best part about painting a scene like this is I get the eat the reference when I'm done! The apples, that is! Not the chickadees! :)

Oil on multimedia board 

See a high res version and buy prints here.

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