Jun 25, 2012

White Tiger Painting -WIP

Here's something currently on the easel, my first white tiger painting. I'm painting it from a reference photos I took at the Triple D Game Farm. It's a bit interesting because the photo is of a yellow Siberian tiger and I'm trying to make this one a white Bengal tiger. (There's no such thing as a white Siberian tiger, as far as anyone knows)

Yeah, I know sometimes it looks like I jump around a lot. A wolf half-finished one day, a tiger the next. But I work in oil paints and sometimes you have to wait for one layer to dry for a day before you can apply the next. So it's good to have several paintings going at once so there's always something to work on. I'll probably jump back to the previous wolf painting tomorrow, since it should be dry by then, and hopefully finish it up soon.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That tiger looks intense!

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