Jul 10, 2012

My Anti-Brown Movement Continues!

Oh, no! I'm at it again! Revising old paintings!

In my effort to eliminate mostly brown paintings I couldn't help but be bothered by my most brown painting of all, this golden eagle painting!

I think when I originally did this painting I was experimenting with a monochromatic color palette. I think I achieved that! Unfortunately, it's not the prettiest palette. It needed a makeover. So I took out some non-brown paints and a brush and went at it today!

The fun part was painting in between and around all the feathers!

Uh, no. I'm being facetious here. It was a pain in the bum!

Anyway, I plan to have blue sky and clouds throughout most of the background, mountains and trees in the lower background, something like this:

What do you think? Is it crazy to revise an old painting this much? Is it better to go just learn from it and move on? Or is it good to go back and right your wrongs?

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