May 28, 2007

An Introduction, Part 4

Ok, so here it was, graduation time. So what did I graduate with a degree in? Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Yeah, I know, accounting is about as far away from art as Pluto is from the sun, but it had to be done. At the time, I had been in college so long, I just needed to graduate, whatever the major. Funds, choices, and stamina had all run out. And, well, accounting was a practical major, right? Every company in the world needs an accountant so there would be no problem finding a job.

Well, before I graduated I'd already had a job lined up working in an accounts payable department for a well-known and very large healthcare firm. Couldn't be too bad, right? Math is, ummm, somewhat interesting. I kind of liked studying it in school. It should be all right ....

OMG, the accounts payable job was about as exciting as watching paint dry. No, actually, that's not true. If the paint were on a piece of art it would have been far more interesting to watch the paint dry! (For all you who work in accounts payable, I feel for you, and I'm sorry!)

Shortly after graduation and the new job my sister gave me a graduation card. In the card was a gift certificate to a local art supply store. It was kind of a surprise to me. I'd been so busy with classes, a part-time job, and studying that I hadn't even thought about art in a while. There'd simply been no time for it. Within the card was a note that said, "Maybe now you'll have time to express your true self."

After reading that I actually cried.

But it changed my life....

(continued in part 5)

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