Jun 3, 2007

Leon Parson prints finally!

I finally managed to acquire some Leon Parson prints. My very first! Not my favorite by him (which I still can't find) but still quite lovely. You can see them here:

Barren Ground Monarchs
On the Move

I can't wait to get them framed and hung!

Who's one of your favorite wildlife artist?


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog,good stuff you have it on here do publish more often

keep in touch and keep the good work going will be back soon.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus

elkslayer said...

I really like leon parson's work, it looks just like being there. I would sure like to find backside on no tellum ridge, if you have one or know of one for sale please let me know thanks

RB B said...

I do have all five of the No-Tellum series for sale along with several other Leon Parson ltd. ed. prints and many other artists like Robert Bateman, Carl Brendars, the Mansanares family, Michael Sieve, etc.. I have lots of RMEF ltd. ed. knives, prints, memorabilia, etc. and you can contact me at hd.ride@yahoo.com They are all very good prices, but not give aways. Just so you know. Richard

Adawn Wood said...

RB B, do you still have the no tellum series prints. would be very interested. thanks mike

Wally Wilkinson said...

I have all five No Tellum series prints in the same number that I may be interested in selling. Feel free to contact me at wally@fbmt.com for more information.

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