Feb 3, 2017

New Whitetail Deer Paintings

I have five new whitetail deer paintings. The first one is all original, hand painted (digitally) from scratch. This features a buck and doe in autumn walking through the woods.


This next one is a modified version of the above scene. Because it is digital I was able to reuse some of the background, and the doe, with some adjustments. Obviously, the biggest change was converting the background from a fall scene to a spring scene, making things green and adding flowers. The buck, of course, is gone and in his place are his offspring, two adorable twin fawns.


In case you just have a thing for cute fawns I made a few more variations featuring just the fawns. One is the just the two fawns in the woods. Don't worry, they haven't been abandoned! Mom's just over browsing a bush off-screen. :)


And here's a version of just one fawn in case your wall space is better suited to a vertically oriented print.


And, just one more, a simplified version of the single fawn. This makes a better choice for a small print, greeting card, or other small product such as a phone case.


All these images are available as prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags, and more. Click the image you like to see product options for that image.

Remember, because these images are painted digitally, they can be modified somewhat fairly easily. So if you want a customized version contact me and let me know. For example, if you'd like the first image with just the buck, it wouldn't be too hard for me to remove the doe. So don't be afraid to ask.

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