Feb 1, 2017

Deer Painting - Fawn WIP2

In my previous post I started blocking in a cute whitetail fawn. In this post I continue working the fawn's shading and fur.

With my "fur" brush, shown on the right here (Photoshop CS5), I start working the edges of the different colors to give them somewhat of a fur-like texture instead of just hard straight lines. I've started doing this below his ear in this image.

My fur brush is really just a simple elongated teardrop or bullet shaped brush stroke. Google how to create PS brushes to create your own brush. I won't get into PS basics here. But I'll give you my default settings for this shape to create a fur-like pattern. The most important thing here is to turn on Shape Dynamics and set the Angle Jitter Control to Direction so that you can control the direction of the fur by the direction of your brush stroke. Set the Size Jitter to about 20% and turn Control to Off. Next turn on Scattering and that to about 80%.

After getting all the edges furred up now we start blending those edges to give them a softer look. This harsh color change doesn't look very natural. To do this you can either use this fur brush with a Mixer Brush to blend the edges, or use a regular brush and click Transfer in the Brush panel (or click Tablet Pressure Controls Opacity at the top tool bar). I prefer to use a regular brush with Tablet Pressure Controls Opacity because the Mixer Brush tends to blur things too much. I want to blend the color tones without making the individual hairs too fuzzy.

Here you can see I've been working the edges to soften them. As you work the edges keep changing the color from one side of the edge to the other, overlapping them a few times. You don't want it to look like only one color overlaps the other. You want to go back and forth to get a more naturally blended look.

And here's the little cutie-pie all finished and in his natural surroundings. Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

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