Nov 5, 2016

More Shirts For Horse Lovers

In a previous post I shared some shirts featuring my horse paintings that you can now buy on Amazon. Since then I've had some more horse shirts accepted so I wanted to share all the horse shirts I now have available on Amazon. The first one here, the Friesian horse, is my best seller so far. But it's also been on Amazon the longest so we'll see how the others do as time goes on. :)

The next two shirts are tied for second place best sellers, my western quarter horse in sepia, and my seal brown warmblood dressage horse.

And here are some color versions of the western sorrel quarter horse.

And, finally, my most recent addition, a bay Hanoverian horse.

All these shirts come in several colors and size options, and are available in men's, women's, and youth styles. With Christmas just around the corner, consider giving one of these shirts as a gift for the horse lover you know!

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