Oct 16, 2016

New Shirts for Horse Lovers on Amazon Merch

As you may have noticed in some previous posts, I've been adding some designs to Merch by Amazon, which is Amazon's own POD (print-on-demand) service for t-shirts. Previously I had added the NC and CA state birds artwork, and my vegetarian and vegan cows shirts. Now I've added some horse designs for all you horse lovers out there.

I just recently joined Amazon Merch, and don't have many shirts up yet, but have already had my first sale! So I'm going to start my horse shirt list here with the one that sold, my


 This shirt comes in men's, women's, and youth styles. Color choices include white, black, asphalt, slate, and silver.

Next up we have my popular western quarter horse artwork. I made two versions of this. One is full color and says "western girl" for women and girls. The other is in monochrome sepia to give an old west look, and works for men, women, or kids.



Click a shirt to see all color and style options.

You may wonder why I decided to add my artwork to Amazon when I already have shirts available on Pixels.com and in my Zazzle store. The main reason is to give you more options of where to buy. I would recommend Zazzle as your first choice because products, including shirts, are fully customizable. Maybe you don't want the words "western guy" or "western girl" on your shirt. Maybe you want "I Love Quarter Horses" on it, or someone's name for a gift, or the name of an event you and your horse participated in, or maybe no text at all. On Zazzle you can completely personalize it. However, many people have never heard of Zazzle and don't have accounts there. We all already have enough names and passwords to remember. For some people, the last thing they want to do is register with yet another site. So, that's why I added Amazon. Nearly everyone has an Amazon account! So if you don't want to join Zazzle to purchase items there, you can now easily buy my artwork on shirts using your existing Amazon account. I'll be adding more stuff soon.

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