Oct 12, 2016

New Virginia State Bird and Flower Artwork

In my previous post I created a new version of my Texas state bird and flower line art drawing. I was going to work on the color version next but got sidetracked when I remembered that Virginia has the same state bird and flower as North Carolina, the red cardinal and flowering dogwood. Since I'd already completed the NC line art and color version, I decided I could fairly quickly make a Virginia version. Of course I didn't want the two state images to look exactly the same so I took some of the flower elements from NC and added a new bird and state banner.

Here's the line art version I'll be adding to products you can color like a coloring page.


And here's the color version I'll be putting on products if you want an already finished image for shirt, hats, coffee mugs, etc, that you don't want to color in.


I'll post again soon when I have these images available on products!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Beautiful! Lovely colours! :)

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