Sep 27, 2016

New Christmas Birds Painting Finished!

If you've been following my posts you know I've been working on a digital painting of birds with a Christmas theme. I actually finished this painting last week and wanted to post it right away but other things got in the way. But I had a good reason. I went out of town for a few days to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday! How often do people get to see their parents live so long? I've seen so many friends lose parents, spouses, or even children way before their time that feel very fortunate my father is still with us at 90 years old!

My sister flew out to Seattle from New York. Then we drove down to Vancouver, WA where my other sister, and our father, live. We also have a cousin there. My dad loves seafood so we all took him to Joe's Crab Shack in Vancouver, WA, which has a nice view of the Columbia River from the dining area. Here's a picture of us, me on the far left, my two sisters on either side of Dad, and our cousin in the front. We're all showing off our goofy glowing party rings that Dad finds amusing.

Dad had a great time and has decided we should have a party like this every 90 days instead of every 90 years! Haha!

Ok, so that's why I didn't post my finished bird painting earlier. But I'm back now so here it is!

I designed this for use on holiday greeting cards, obviously. But it also works on other items you might like to have for some holiday decorations, like this throw pillow.

However, I know in some cases you might not want the greeting so I also made a version without the colorful "Happy Holidays" banner for use on other holiday decor where you might want something a little more natural looking. This throw blanket, for example.

I also made a version with just the cardinals that works better on smaller objects like this Christmas ornament.

I don't have these images on all the products I want to put them on yet. But feel free to browse around my Pixels page or my Zazzle store to see what's currently available. Here are the links.

Birds and Garland products on Pixels
Birds and Garland on Zazzle
Cardinals and Garland on Zazzle

I'm still adding this image to products in my Zazzle store so if you don't see what you want check back soon, or leave a comment here telling me what you want me to add next.

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