Sep 14, 2016

New Christmas Birds Digital Painting - WIP4

In my previous Christmas birds post I had just finished up the 3rd bird, the black-capped chickadee. In this one I'm sharing a quick progression of the 4th and final bird on the fence, the eastern bluebird.

I'll start with the outline image I sketched for the basic size, shape, and placement of the bird.

Next here I've blocked in the bird's basic colors.

Next, I remove the outline layer and start adding the details, texture, and shading. Here you can see the texture of the feathers on the head as well as eye detail.

And here's a detail of the wing feathers defined.

And finally, the finished bluebird!

Next I'm moving on to adding more decorations to the garland on the fence. Then I'll add a little bit of background and snow to the painting and it will be done! Stay tuned.

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