Sep 28, 2016

Bird Paintings Calendar

Since I've done so many bird paintings over the last few years I've decided to compile a bunch of them and make a 2017 calendar with them. Here I put my most popular bird painting, the chickadees and apples, on the front cover. The cover shows the date as "20XX" because it is customizable. If you already have enough calendars for 2017 come back later and customize it for 2018. Wow, I'm talking about 2018? Scary to be thinking of being just a few years away from 2020 already, isn't it!? Geez, when I was a kid even the year 2000 was eons away. The year 2020 was total sci-fi. My, how time flies! Haha!

Here are a few interior images. They have background colors that I chose to match, but you can change those if you don't happen to like the colors I picked.

You can also customize more than the date and background. There are several different calendar grid styles, and you can add or remove images and text as you please. Don't like the words "Happy Holidays" on the December page? You can change that to "Merry Christmas" or something else, or remove it entirely. Add special dates, such as your anniversary, or a child's birthday, or other events. It's all changeable. That's what I love about Zazzle, is that you, the customer, can personalize anything and everything about their products. So have fun with it and make it truly unique for yourself or as a gift!

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