Apr 4, 2015

Five Indian Pony Variations Now Available

With all the digital editing of paintings I've been doing in Photoshop there are 4 variations of the original Native American War Horse painting now available. The original is the chestnut version with war paint shown first image. The second is the same chestnut pinto horse without war paint. Third is a sepia version of the chestnut horse with war paint. Fourth is a bay pinto version with face war paint color changes. The fifth is a buckskin pinto version, also with the new face paint colors.

The original chestnut pinto horse painting is sold. But all these images are available as fine art prints, greeting cards, and more through pixels.com. Click on an image to go to the product page for that image, or click here to see the entire selection of horse images available.

These images are also available on a wide variety of other products, from coffee mugs to iPad covers to wall clocks, through my Zazzle Store here.

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