Mar 31, 2015

New Cow and Calf Paintings

Since playing around with painting digitally I've been working on creating new paintings from scratch in Photoshop. But I've also revisited some of my older traditional oil paintings to see what I can do with those in PS as well, such as making color variations, or adding/subtracting elements. Here's one I've been playing around with recently, a painting of a Guernsey cow and calf. This is the original oil painting:

But then I wondered how this painting would look if I had made them black and white Holstein cows instead. So I edited the image in Photoshop to make them black and white instead of brown:

Not too bad, huh? But, hey, the background was always a little plain. What if I add a farm to the background now? I actually took an old barn and rolling hills from another painting I did years ago and put it in the background behind the cows. Now we have a rather Americana looking scene:

A little more interesting maybe. Or maybe you prefer the simpler version? Let me know in the comments which version you like best.

All three versions are available as prints on

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