Feb 7, 2015

New Bird Garden Party Painting

I got a little out of order in my blog posts here. This is a painting I finished a few weeks ago, before my horse painting in the previous post. But I forgot to blog about it.

This is, obviously, a painting of a variety of birds on a white picket fence in a garden full of colorful flowers. While probably not a scene you're likely to come across in the real world, this is where artistic license comes into play. Pushing the limits of reality can make for more interesting and lively paintings.

The birds are, in order from left to right, a male American goldfinch, female goldfinch, eastern bluebird, black-capped chickadee, female northern red cardinal, and male northern red cardinal.

The background flowers are delphinium and the foreground flowers include calibrachoa and Black-eyed Susan daisies.

Spring Garden Party
18"x24" oil
Original Available

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