Oct 20, 2012

Waterfall Wildlife Painting - WIP

I'm still working away at the waterfall painting, among other things. I'm getting very close to finished with the background. Getting some foreground vegetation in now. Here's an update on the background progress.
Next the really fun part starts ... the animals! I have not decided for sure yet which animal will take the stage. I've mostly decided but I'll keep it a surprise which one I'm leaning toward. :) Not to fear, however. It was down to deer or wolves. Whichever you wanted, you won't be disappointed, though. No, I'm not going to put both in one painting. But I already have a second painting in the works for the animal that didn't make it into this painting. I think the setting for in the second painting will fit that animal even better. So you'll be happy with it too. Stay tuned!


Noushka said...

Strange to notice you have no comments...
You deserve so many!
I love your artwork, especially the animals brushed by the paintbrush!

Crista Forest said...

Ah, thanks!
I've had a blog for a long time but have only been seriously blogging for a few months. I don't suppose I have a whole lot of readers yet. It takes a while to build up a following I'm told.

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