Oct 2, 2012

Waterfall Wildlife Crossing Painting Progress

Here's an update to my waterfall wildlife painting. I've obviously filled in a bit more of the background/foreground. But I also did a Photoshop mockup of potential wildlife to add to the scene.

I think I've pretty much ruled out bears at this time. Though bears are more often associated with streams and waterfalls than are deer and wolves, that's just the problem. If you do a little searching online you will find there is no shortage of paintings with bears by water. I want my painting to be a little different. There seems to be less artwork depicting deer or wolves by waterfalls, creeks, rivers, streams, etc., so these subjects makes the painting more unique.

But now I have to decide which one. Deer seem to match the color of the autumn scenery better, and add a sense of peace and tranquility. However, the wolves are more unique and add some excitement to the scene. I have had some comments that the lighting in the version with the wolves makes them stand out more and is, therefore, a more appealing choice. But I could paint the lighting similarly on the deer too, so that's not really the issue. It's just a matter of which animal has a wider appeal.

Would you prefer to see wolves or deer in this sort of setting? Let me know what you think.

1 comment:

lia said...

OK, I have to say that although I voted for deers last time, a presence that gives the painting a more classic feel, I would finally go for the wolves if i were you, simply cause it would make your painting unique, it is definitely a touch that would make it distinct among others.

so, Wolves plz!!

Beautiful work!

Take care,

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