Apr 29, 2017

Shirts For Dog Lovers - Labrador Retrievers

New shirts available from Merch by Amazon featuring my artwork. This time I created an image for dog lovers, especially those who love Labrador Retrievers. I created this artwork from a photo I took of my own sweet lab, Hannah. First I painted her in her original color, yellow. Then I digitally altered the artwork to create a chocolate and black lab version. See all the current color options and designs below.

I did this artwork in a more stylized way, almost like a paint-by-number, partly to be different, but also because it prints better on shirts than designs that have a smoother color gradient.

So here are the designs I have on Amazon so far. First we have a Love Labs design featuring the word LOVE with a heart for the O in blue, and a happy yellow lab face:


Next is a black and gray version of the same design for those who have black Labrador Retrievers:


Next is a design with a larger image of the dog, the yellow lab, and text below that says, "Life Is Better With Labrador Retrievers":


And here is the same design with a brown dog version for those who have chocolate labs:


Next up is a Lab Mom design for those Dog Mom types who love their dogs as much as if they were their own children. The first variation is a yellow lab with a red heart and pink text:


Next is a variation with the yellow lab face and light blue text and heart for those of you who aren't fond of pink:


Here's a chocolate lab variation with pink heart and pink text:

And a chocolate lab with light blue heart and text:


Now we move on to black labs. Again a variation with pink heart and text:


Next the black lab with light blue heart and text:


And let's not forget the Lab Dad in the house! I only have one Lab Dad version up so far, the black Labrador Retriever. While Dad has fewer dog color options he gets the whole body image of the lab sitting pretty. :)


Here's the whole body of a chocolate lab with the saying, "I Love Chocolate":


And, finally, a crazy version of a rainbow colored Labrador Retriever for those who love labs of all colors, or just want to be different and noticeable:


All these shirts come in men's, women's, and kids' styles and sizes, and in several different colors. You're not limited to the colors I have shown here. Just click one of the images to see all the color and size options for that particular artwork.

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