May 4, 2017

Bijorn The Chubby Unicorn

Meet Bijorn (Bi-ZHYORN) the unicorn. Bijorn is a happy unicorn, despite being on the plump side because he does not care what others think. He is happy with himself as he is and enjoys life.
He is not ashamed of the fact that he enjoys delicious food, among other things. He likes to stay active, which helps make up for his love of such foods as doughnuts and bacon. Here he is wrapped in bacon simply because he loves bacon so much he cannot eat as much as he'd like, so sometimes he just wears it like a shawl so he can enjoy the smell all day.

On some occasions he celebrates his love for doughnuts by not only eating them, but sometimes wearing the frosting and covering himself with doughnut sprinkles as well. He doesn't look too bad in pink frosting after all, do you think?

One thing he will be doing tomorrow is celebrating Cinco de Mayo. He'll be wearing his new poncho and sombrero for the occasion. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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