Dec 17, 2016

New Website for Cartoon Art

To keep my realistic style and my cartoony style art separate, I've created a new website off my domain dedicated to just my cute and fun art. I've also created a new Zazzle store for products featuring this artwork. This site will display and link to products in that new Zazzle store. Because there are already hundreds of products in that store I can't display them all on my new website so I'm focusing on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. There will be a link below each image that will take you to the apparel section of the store to see all the sizes, colors, and styles available. There will be another link below that which will take you to all the products featuring that artwork which could include all sorts of accessories, such as tote bags, and home decor such as throw pillow. Lots of stuff to choose from! So check out the new website and store and let me know what you think by leaving feedback in the comments section here.

 So far I have my comical chickens, cartoony horse, cute baby dinosaurs, seasonal Christmas stuff, and funny football art up, with more to come. Here are a few samples of what's there.

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