Aug 14, 2016

Zazzle Sunday Steal - Notebooks, Binders, Clipboards, USB Drives

Today's Sunday Steal deal includes 3 ring binders, clipboards, notebooks, and USB drives.

Use promo code ZSUNSTEAL144 at checkout to get your discount.

I must admit I don't have a lot in the way of USB drives since it's a long skinny product and my images don't fit them well. So I'll post samples of some of the other products. Let's start with binders. I have over 100 of those!

It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas. These binders would make nice photo albums or scrap books for your holiday memories, or perhaps just a guest book for the annual Christmas family reunion. I have several holiday theme images featuring animal subjects such as deer and a Christmas tree, deer and a snowman, cardinals and holly, cardinals and garland, and cardinals and Christmas lights, like the one shown here.

But if it's too early to start thinking about Christmas, I have plenty of binders for other uses, or just general use. Here's one for duck hunters.

This one has a tan background but I have several other colors with this duck artwork, including gray, blue, yellow, and teal. I also have binders featuring deer and elk for the big game hunter.

Not into hunting? How about binders for horse lovers? These can be used for a variety of purposes including as a photo album featuring your beloved steed, journaling about your experiences as a horse owner, or as a log book for your horse breeding business.

Of course, you don't have to use any of those for the reasons I specified. My titles are just examples. These binders are completely customizable so you can change the title to whatever you want or remove it completely.  It's up to you!

Lots of other animal subjects in the binders section including cows, giraffes, birds of all kinds, dogs and cats both domestic and wild, and more.

So let's move on to some other products included in the Sunday Steal, notebooks. These can be used for many of the same purposes as the binders, such as journaling or as a guest or log book. But with school starting up soon they are most popular, of course, for school note-taking. Here's one featuring a gray wolf.

Here's a new one I just created today featuring one of my line art images for coloring, hummingbirds and flowers. Something to doodle on when you get bored with listening to the teacher lecture! :)

Lots more artwork on notebooks here. And remember all Zazzle products are fully customizable so you can change text and font colors and styles, or even add your images, so you can personalize it for yourself or to give as unique gifts.

Be sure to use promo code ZSUNSTEAL144 at checkout to get your discount!

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