Aug 20, 2016

Things To Color Besides Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now as many have found they are therapeutic. They help you relax and relieve stress after your busy day, and give the pleasure of creativity. But after you've filled your 10th coloring book, what's next? Book #11? And what do you do with all those pages you've colored? You've probably already framed and hung a few of your favorites, but there isn't enough wall space for any more!

So how about moving away from the paper coloring pages and wall pictures? Consider coloring on something besides paper. Just like when you were a kid, you colored on everything, including the walls, much to your mother's dismay. But we won't color the walls here! There are more practical and useful items to color on, anyway. I've added some of my coloring page images to items other than paper that are fun to color and will add unique accents to your home decor or personal attire.

I'll start with some fabric items. Here is my hummingbirds line art image on a shirt. Color this in your favorite colors, or something to match your favorite pants or skirt. There are dozens of shirt styles and colors to choose from, including tank tops and sweatshirts.

Or how about a throw pillow? These pillows come in both indoor and outdoor options. Wouldn't your own uniquely colored hummingbird pillow look great on your flower garden patio furniture? Paint these fuchsias to match the ones in your own yard.

These drawstring backpacks are a popular seller on Zazzle being of good quality and an affordable price. Great for kids to use for carrying books to school. They'll never get their backpack mixed up with anyone else's with this unique image they can color in themselves!

Zazzle also has these really nice full-print tote bags for the adults to carry around their own work or personal belongings.

I know, but you're thinking, I can't color a shirt or pillow with my colored pencils (or crayons, or watercolors, or whatever you like to use on paper)! Maybe not. But there are other options designed specifically for coloring on fabric. Here are some fabric paints, for example.

And there are also felt markers made specifically for coloring on fabric.

Of course, there are other products you can color on that aren't fabric. For these you can probably use regular felt markers you may already have. Beverage coasters, for example. Probably any permanent marker would work on these.

OK, I won't just use hummingbirds here. I have some other images available on products to color. How about a the California state bird and flower, the quail and poppy, on a coffee mug, colored in with your own unique style and color choices? You'd be the only one at the office with that!

Or here's a 3-ring binder with the North Carolina state bird and flower, the cardinal and dogwood.

Don't have a set of permanent felt markers for coloring? Here's a nice set by BIC. They work on glass, metal, plastic, and coated papers. Perfect for these items!

This is just a small sampling of the items you can find my line art drawings on for coloring. There's a lot more in my Zazzle store including ... but not limited to ... iPad covers, gift bags, wallets, and even lunch boxes for the kids to color!

Find more hummingbird items to color here. More California state bird items here. And more North Carolina state bird products here.

If you color any of these products, let me know. I'd love to share your finished products here in my blog!

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