Jul 5, 2016

North Carolina State Bird & Flower Coloring Page Products

I had a lot of fun doing the state birds and flowers coloring book for Fox Chapel publishing. So I decided to make some more variations that work on other products. Because the coloring book pages have to have a certain size and aspect ratio, and have a border, they don't work well on some other types of products. My new variations have the border removed, as well as some elements moved around the image, to better fit other items you might also find fun to color, like throw pillows and tote bags. I'm starting with North Carolina, whose state bird is the cardinal, and state flower the flowering dogwood. Here are some of the products you can color on.

For coloring on surfaces other than paper there are special fabric pens, paints, or dyes for this purpose, such as these fabric markers by Tulip.

Try these fabric pens on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops! Click the link below to find other clothing options.

Find more products with the North Carolina State Bird and Flower to color here.

Other states to come soon! Tell me in the comments below which state you'd like to have me do next.

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