Jul 11, 2016

California State Bird & Flower Coloring Page Products

I've created another line art drawing of the state birds and flowers, this time for my home state of California. The official CA state bird is the quail, and the state flower is the golden poppy.

This is not the same version that will be in the Fox Chapel coloring book but it is, of course, the same bird and flowers. You can see the Fox Chapel version here.

For this newer version I won't have a coloring book page available (I don't want to compete with Fox Chapel!) but I will have other products available. Lots of things are popular to color these days because just sheets of paper. Try fabric pens, paints, or dyes on things like throw pillows and t-shirts. Shirts are becoming a popular new thing to color.

How about coloring your own coffee mugs or beverage coasters?

Maybe tote bags and gift bags?

Check out all the products available for coloring here.

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