Jul 14, 2015

Cow & Calf Artwork Products

Today is Cow Appreciation Day. Cows have been a vital part of human history for thousands of years. They are important to us not just for meat, milk, and hides, but also as a working animal. In many parts of the world cattle are as important as horses for pulling carts and plowing fields. So, in honor of the important and hard-working cows all around the world I'm sharing some products featuring my painting of a Holstein Cow & Calf in a scene with rolling hills farmland and an old wood barn.

Fine art prints, greeting cards, phone cases, duvet covers, throw pillows, and tote bags are available here.

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Many other products products like iPad and laptop covers, throw blankets, clocks, wallets, clothing, lamps, bath mats, and much more are available in my Zazzle Store.

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