Nov 3, 2014

New Fall Theme Puppy Painting

Since it's autumn I figured this was a good time to do a fall theme painting. I didn't want to paint the usual Thanksgiving turkey, though. A wonderful bird and certainly part of the American Thanksgiving tradition. But, the truth is, puppies are cuter. Haha!

I've had this adorable photo of my own yellow Labrador retriever puppy, Hannah, that I've wanted to paint for years. She was just 7 weeks old when the photo was taken. She'll be 11 years old this month. My, how time flies! But, that brings me to the point of why she is the subject of this fall theme painting. She was born on November 27, 2003 which was Thanksgiving Day that year. Although Thanksgiving does not fall on the 27th every year, it just happens to fall on the 27th once again this year. She is my Thanksgiving puppy and I have been so grateful to have her for all these years. She has been a truly wonderful dog! So, to celebrate her birthday, as well as Thanksgiving, I have immortalized her in this painting. And even if she hadn't been born on Thanksgiving, I think she's a darn cute subject for any painting! :)

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To go along with the fall harvest, Thanksgiving theme, I have included a lot of objects we associate with the autumn bounty. Pumpkins, gourds, and other squash, as well as Indian corn. Turkey feathers for the autumn feast. A hay bale and a horseshoe to the remind us of the horse, that wonderful beast of burden mankind could not survive without, that plowed the fields to grow the pumpkin and corn.

So let's take some time to think about all the things we are blessed with this fall. Not just the bountiful harvests, but the wonderful animals in our lives. Throughout history horses and dogs have been vitally important to the lives of humans in so many ways, from horses plowing fields and pulling carriages, to dogs flushing quail and herding sheep. Could you imagine a world where mankind never had working horses and hunting dogs?

So if you have a horse or dog in your life, try to imagine a world where they'd never existed. After those tears start to fall, go out and give your horse or dog a big hug and a treat on Thanksgiving Day.

Btw, since my dog's birthday is on Thanksgiving, guess what she gets as her birthday "cake"! Turkey! Yes, she'll be a very happy dog eating lots of turkey this Thanksgiving. :)

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