Aug 18, 2014

Goldfinch Art Clothing and Gifts

Someone purchased a set of Christmas greeting cards from me today featuring my painting of Northern red cardinals in a holly tree.

Wow! It's hard to believe I'm sitting here sweating in front of the fan on a hot August night and we're already starting to think about the fall and winter holidays! Are you writing out your gift list yet?

Well, if you are, I have some ideas to get you started. I recently edited my painting of goldfinches and apple blossoms, removing the background and the third bird. I think this edited version works better for use on items such as clothing. Since we all have to wear clothes, clothing is always a good option when looking for gift ideas, whether it's for the holidays, a birthday, or just to show someone they're important to you.

I've added this image to some women's apparel. I think it looks great on shirts and other clothing without the background. It really makes the birds pop, and the simpler image of just pink, yellow, and white makes it look clean and bright. Take a look!

But, after that, I didn't stop there. Seeing how good it could look without the background I decided I'd try it on some other products. It turns out this cut-out version looks quite well on a number of other items, from cake pans to coffee mugs. Here it is on a coffee mug.

....and on a throw pillow.........

...and a reusable grocery bag....

.....a phone case....

....and compact mirrors. You can edit the "Happy Easter" text to say your name or whatever you want.

I know, spring flowers might seem odd for a Christmas gift. But by the time the shortest, darkest day of the year comes and goes, your friends and family will be longing for spring! Cheer them up with a preview of what's to come!

Click on an image above to find out more about that particular item, or visit my Zazzle store to see lots of other kinds of gift items available.

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