Jul 9, 2013

Miniature Painting - No 41 - White Stallion

Another milestone reached in my miniature painting project! Here's Number 41, a white Arabian stallion. I really wanted to get a lot of color in this "plain" white horse so there's not a lot of actual white paint in this one. I used a lot of pure yellows, blues, and violets, and used the contrast of yellows against the blues to make it pop.

5"x7" oil
Available here.

This painting was done from a photo I took at a local saddle club event. I liked the way the light was hitting him, the way he tossed his mane and tail, but I didn't want a rider and gear obscuring those beautiful Arabian curves along the neck and back, so I painted it without rider and gear. Here's the reference photo I used. As you can see, I moved that front leg a little so it didn't look like it was attached to the other leg. I hope that was an improvement. :)

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