Jul 25, 2013

Dark Bay Dressage Horse Painting Sold

This painting sold a couple days ago through the Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA. Unfortunately, not to the owner of the horse. This was painted from a photo I took at a Hollywood Hill Saddle Club event but I never did find out who the horse's owner was to offer it to them. I'm happy it sold, of course! But I wish the owner of the horse had gotten a chance to see it first. Well, hopefully they'd be happy to know someone else thought their horse was beautiful enough to buy a painting of it! :)

It is a gorgeous horse, isn't it? No doubt a joy to ride, too!

I'm currently working on a new dressage horse painting, among other things. This one is of a beautiful very red chestnut horse. Check back soon to see it finished! 

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William Relvas said...

Nice post thank u..


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