Jun 2, 2013

Free Art Print With Your Donation!

A close personal friend of mine is battling cancer. We have created a fund raiser campaign to raise money to help him with these expenses. Besides my own donation, I am offering art prints to anyone who donates $25 or more to his campaign. Only $25 for a hand-signed wildlife art print is a great deal by itself! But know that 100% of that will be going to my friend's fundraiser. I won't be taking a dime. In fact, I'll be eating the price of shipping myself, just to help him  out. Please, if you can help, donate and receive a print at no extra cost to you! Not even postage!

Donate here:


Important: When you donate, please use your real name. Do not use the anonymous option. I need to be able to keep track of who gets prints.

Here are some of the prints you will be able to choose from. Some of these images are of limited supply, so if you are particular about which one you get then the sooner you donate the more likely you are to get the one you want.

When you donate please message me on Facebook with your name and address so I can get the print in the mail. Or email me at ForestStudios@Yahoo.com

Thank you!

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