Mar 28, 2013

Zion Cougar Painting - Finished!

This piece actually started out being just a cougar in a Zion National Park setting. But the expression on the cat's face made me feel he was looking around for a sound he heard. So I got the idea to add a rabbit that might have been making the sound the cougar's looking for. Then, having the rabbit hiding from the cougar made me think about what life must be like if you're a rabbit, with an animal around every corner ready to eat you! So I added other predators to the scene that might also want to make a tasty snack of the little bunny.

I think I'll call it "Don't Move!" because if the rabbit moves out of his hiding place he might become lunch! :)

Besides the cougar, can you find and name 6 other animals in the scene? (Click the image to see a larger version)

Click here to see the animals revealed.
 11"x14" oil on Gessobord
Available here.

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