Mar 13, 2013

Albino Animals in Wildlife Art

Why are there no wildlife paintings of white or albino animals? I think white animals are beautiful. There are lots of photographs of white mutations, or albino animals, but I've rarely seen a painting done of them.

Except for the white tiger. I do see lots of paintings of white tigers. Those are not true "wildlife" paintings, however, since white tigers are pretty much non-existent in nature. Almost all white tigers have been bred in captivity.

There are lots of photos of white lions, which actually are found in nature, but I see very few paintings of those.

And what about all the other animals popular in paintings? Why are they never white?

What about a deer? Have you ever seen a painting of a white deer? They do exist in nature either as "piebald", which may be all white or only partially white, or as true albinos. But I've never seen a painting of one.

  How about a kangaroo? Have you ever seen a painting of a white kangaroo?

What about a painting of an albino zebra?

A painting of an albino raccoon?

How about a painting of a white giraffe!?? Ever seen one?

 Me neither!

And there are many more white animals that exist that I've never seen in a paintings. Alligators, bison, moose, ostriches, koalas, owls, snakes, squirrels, bears, gorillas, and even tortoises!

I think it's time to give these animals their moment of glory. Maybe I'll paint a white one soon. Or is that just too weird? How would you feel about such a painting? If you love paintings of orcas swimming in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, would you buy such a painting if one of the orcas was an albino?


Peggy said...

Interesting observation Crista. Not all those photos are albino though.

That zebra is a blonde zebra named Zoe and she has blue eyes.
I actually just saw a painting of her too :)

A true Albino has no pigment.
Their skin looks pink and their eyes are pink.

Crista Forest said...

Oh, I didn't know there were "blonde" zebras. Is that a natural mutation or have they been bred in captivity, like white tigers?

Brian said...

True albino animals are virtually non-existent in nature. Some get born, but I don't think they are likely to survive to adulthood.

I have never thought about paintings of the rare white individuals. You are right: for some reason, no one paints them. It might make for an interesting composition, e.g. a small herd of deer with one white individual.

Your work is quite nice, by the way!

Canidae Art said...

How about a white sperm whale?

These white mutations or albinos I think would make wonderful subject matter, I have been considering painting some myself also :)

Peggy said...

Hi Crista, I just saw this question, sorry. There is only one known blonde zebra in the world and it lives on the island of Moloka'i.
She's also been called a Golden Zebra.

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