Feb 3, 2013

The Superbowl and Art

What does the Superbowl football game have to do with fine art? Nothing directly, really. But it does make me pause and wonder about things I get hung up on in life, and in art.

Did you know domestic violence spikes 10% in the hours after a team loses a football game?

I personally do not understand why people get so hung up on a team, why they feel their lives revolve around that team winning or losing. Why people get depressed when their team loses, why men beat their wives, kick the dog, yell at their kids, etc, I'll never understand. I like football. I watch it. I have team preferences. I'm from Seattle so I have to root for the Seahawks, of course. But if they lose I don't get depressed. I don't get angry. I don't really care which team wins because it has no effect on my life.

It has no effect on YOUR life either! Be kind to your wife, your children, your dog! They had NOTHING to do with your team losing! And even if they did influence it (which they don't!) why does it matter SO much to you that your team lost? Does it mean you will be stupider tomorrow? Does it mean you will be fatter? Sicker? Lose your job? NO! It has NOTHING to do with YOUR life! Get over it!

Somewhere in here I think this relates to art. Things about art we get hung up on and can't let go of that don't really affect our lives. Maybe you're jealous of another artist who has success. Does that mean you can't also have success? No. But for some reason we feel better when our perceived "enemy" loses, even though it has no real effect on our lives and our success or failure.

What things in art do you need to learn to let go of?

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