Feb 6, 2013

Miniature Painting - No 27 - House Finch

When I took the reference photo for this painting I wasn't exactly sure what kind of finch it was. It looks very similar to the purple finch and the Cassin's finch so I had to do a little research to identify it accurately. The "purple" finch isn't really purple. It's more of a rose colored red so at first glance it's easy to mistake one for the other. The house finch is distinguishable from the purple finch by the red being a little more red-orange than rosy red. The banding on the belly is also more distinctive on the male house finch than the purple finch, although the banding is more distinctive on the female purple finch than on the female house finch. It's a bit confusing. The Cassin's finch has less red than either of the other two, looking more like it has a red cap rather than a whole red head and upper body. Here's a nice web page showing the differences between the 3 finches: Red Finch Identification.

 5"x7" oil on Gessobord
Original: SOLD

1 comment:

marc calvo said...

Good house finch,did you prove to paint the rosy finch?.This specie its full of geographic forms and show a diverse colour variations.

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