Dec 3, 2012

Holiday Greeting Card Sale!

I have reduced the greeting card price on select images, paintings I think would make great Christmas greeting cards for wildlife lovers, such as snowy scenes with wolves and deer, and even a snowman in one! So if you're still trying to decide on holiday greeting cards, here's your chance to get something unique. Definitely not the same old Santa greeting card your friends and neighbors will all be buying at your local drug store! Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation where you sent someone the same card they sent you because you both shop at the same store? Ugh! Not much chance of that if you order a unique card from one of the wildlife paintings shown here. Now at a reduced price, for the next couple weeks only!

If you already have your greeting cards this year, remember you can also order these images as prints for holiday decorating, or to give as gifts.

Click the image to order!

Happy Holidays!

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