Nov 4, 2012

Miniature Painting - No 3 - Goldfinch

Miniature painting #3, an American Goldfinch.

American Goldfinch
7"x5" oil on Gessobord

Such colorful, cute little birds they are! I thought a violet background made a nice contrast to his bright yellow coloring.

I took the reference photo for this at my bird feeder in the backyard. We get a lot of chickadees, house finches, nuthatches, bushtits, pine siskins, and even woodpeckers at our bird feeder. But the goldfinch is a rare sight. So when this guy landed for a snack I had to take as many pictures as I could before he flew away. So you may see some more goldfinch paintings before long. :)

(Update: Sold 11/11)


Peggy said...

Very nice and you're getting looser too :)
What type of camera do you use that you were able to get such a good photo at your bird feeder?

Crista Forest said...

Oh, the photo wasn't really that great. I'm a terrible photographer! That's where the artistic license comes in. :)
But, to answer your question, I used a Canon Rebel xti with a EF 75-300mm lens.

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