Jul 15, 2014

Wolf Cross Stitch Patterns

I just got some samples of cross stitch patterns with my artwork featuring a few of my wolf paintings. These images were licensed by Shinysun's Cross Stitching through Art Licensing International. As part of the contract agreement I get a sample of each product. Here's a scan of the product's cover page for my wolf painting, Night Watch.

I also scanned a bit of the inside. Below is just one page of 24 pages of pattern. Now, I've never done cross-stitching myself but this definitely does not look like a pattern for beginners! People who cross-stitch detailed images like this must be very dedicated. For those of you who do cross-stitching, how long would it take you to complete 24 pages like this?

Here are two more cross stitch patterns available using my wolf paintings. You can purchase any of these from Shinysun's Cross Stitching website.


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