May 29, 2014

Thoroughbred Horse Painting - Determination

I seem to have missed posting a painting I finished last month, a beautiful bay thoroughbred racehorse.

It's always fascinating watch horses race. We assume horses only run races because they're trained to. But some of them really do seem to have an eagerness and determination to win within themselves. Since animals don't have the same sort of competitive ego that humans do, you have to wonder what motivates a horse to want to win. Not that they understand what "winning" is in the sense that we do. They don't understand fame and fortune and the meaning of receiving pretty ribbons, trophies, and flowers. But they seemed to be determined to be first, to run ahead of the others, for whatever reason. Maybe it comes from when they were wild, a desire to be the leader of the herd as it runs free across the plain. Or maybe there isn't really any desire or motivation there other than training and it's just our need to anthropomorphize that makes us see things like will, spirit, determination, and competitiveness in a racehorse. What do you think?

8"x10" oil
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Horse oil painting

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