Dec 15, 2013

Time For Something Personal - Kale!

I hate kale! I won't lie. I like a lot of vegetables, but kale is about as close to the bottom of the list as you can go, even below brussel sprouts. But, because kale is supposed to be a super anti-oxidant food, I have tried to force myself to eat it from time to time. I've tried baby kale in salads, and baked kale chips .... no matter how I've tried kale I am left lying on the floor in gagging convulsions. Sorry, the stuff is just gross! This is one of those foods that could only have been determined to be edible during a time of extreme famine. No well-fed human would ever crave a heaping pile of kale!

However, after all my attempts to find various ways to prepare and choke down kale, I did manage to find one form of kale I could actually eat! I would hardly call this delicious. I would never crave it over a hot fudge sundae...or even turnips! But at least it doesn't leave me gagging and convulsing. It's actually not too bad, as far as kale goes.

I bought mine at Costco, but there are few others stores that carry it. It's called Braised Kale and is made by Cuisine Solutions.

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