Jan 27, 2013

Children's Coloring Page - Rooster

Here's another coloring page for the kiddies to print out and color. This is the Rhode Island Red Rooster painting I did recently. I added a little extra, a fence and chicken coop, than the original painting had. More for the kids to color!

As with the previous coloring pages, have your kids download it, print it out, and color it or paint it any way they want, realistic or wild and crazy! (Click on the image to see a larger version. Then right-click on the larger image and select "save image as..." to save it to your hard drive.) If they want to color it realistically they can use the image below of my original painting as a reference and try to match the colors.

If you'd like to send me your child's finished colored page I'd be happy to share it on my blog here. You can email it to me at foreststudios@yahoo.com.

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